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Kokkolevskaya st., Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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LLC “Production  company “Standard”

Kokkolevskaya st., Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

+7 905 287-21-83

(WhatsApp available)


Specialists of PC Standard company provide support to customers when working with our materials.


In particular, we help customers in such complex processes as setting up presses and equipment modes at the production site. Customers can always count on the visit of our technologist to their enterprise.

With strong engineering and technical potential PC Standard provides the following services:


- Remote technical advice for customers (all our customers are welcome to ask for technical advice on the use of our products at their convenient time);


- Technical support at the customer's enterprise;


- Visit of the engineer-technologist for start-up and adjustment of equipment modes;


- Development of individual recipes (modes) for customer's equipment;


- We perform technical audit of the customer's equipment and selection of the necessary products for this equipment.

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