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LLC “Production  company “Standard”

Kokkolevskaya st., Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

+7 905 287-21-83

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Finishing film is a practical and inexpensive finishing material that is made on the basis of high-density paper impregnated with melamine resins. On the front side of this coating, a layer of varnish is applied, which excludes the evaporation of volatile compounds that are part of the impregnation. Thanks to the use of this technology, products laminated with a finish film fully comply with hygiene standards (class E-1) and possess good wear resistance.

High-quality finish film does not delaminate during operation and is resistant to the effects of active components contained in cleaning products. The use of finishing films reduces the cost of products, and also provides them with a number of advantages:


- abrasion and scratch resistant;

- moisture resistance;

- the surface of the finish film does not dim or fade in the sun;

- large selection of decors.

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